A local circular economy company that preserves heirloom pieces, restores the memory of materials and enriches our family and ecological heritage.

latibulle offers you two home-sewn collections.

One tailor-made and the other ready to go! Both have plush toys, throw-style quilts and wall art to frame for an ultra-personal decor. Also discover our  new furoshiki to wrap all of your small presents and large gifts.



From plushie to the big night pajamas to our favorite (teen) high school t-shirt, we all have a favorite piece of clothing that we can't wear anymore, but absolutely DO NOT want to throw away. We keep these preciously at the bottom of the drawer accumulating dust and nostalgia, waiting for it to fall back on once a year, the time to remember the good old days! During this time, we buy other ephemeral and uneventful products to replace them.

Rather, latibulle offers to upcycle these biographical textiles, to awaken them and to reinvent them. This is a unique and timeless collection. 



This collection is created in small batches from scraps of found treasures, end of stock textiles saved from garbage, new fabrics recovered from Supayana, Gaia & Dubos, Annie 50, etc. We collect these materials and revalue them into unique, timeless creations that you can cherish forever!


latibulle's mission is to solve wasted clothing by including the notion of preservation in our consumption, namely: the preservation of our family heritage and the preservation of our planetary resources.
« We can save the ecological heritage of the planet, while enriching our family heritage. »
- latibulle, 2019 -


latibulle seeks to transform the currently linear consumption model by becoming an actor and promoter of circular economy. Accessible to today's families concerned about their environmental impact, we believe  emotional connection can drive this ecological transformation !