Color: BLUE

★ Limited quantity collection ★

A plush that feels good! EASTER BUNNY ALAN is a little rascal who will certainly fill your day with cheer! He loves all the colors of the rainbow and most certainly has lucky charm powers. Don't you worry with Alan, he'll lift your spirit in a jiffy!  

This adorable plush is filled with natural, local wool and lots of love.

Why wool? Because...

❤︎ Wool is the most ecological fiber!

❤︎ Wool is hypoallergenic, doesn't charge itself with static electricity and therefore doesn't attract or retain dust.

❤︎ Wool helps regulate the temperature produced by the body.

❤︎ Wool while allowing air to circulate, absorbs moisture, and thus molds with difficulty.

❤︎ Wool is naturally flame retardant.

 Proudly created and made in Canada. Handmade, each plush is unique and may differ somewhat from the model shown. For us, that's part of the charm, we hope you are of the same opinion!


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